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Initial Visit information

Dental Assistant discussing a dental xray with a patient

What to expect on your first visit:


Upon your arrival, if you have not already completed your new patient forms, you will need to do so. Once this is complete, you will sit down with Dr. Younesi and discuss your individual dental goals and expectations. Then, records will be taken. Records consist of 3D imaging, 2D radiographs, an intra-oral wellness scan, intra-oral photos, and a gingival examination. Ultimately, by acquiring all of this information, Dr. Younesi will sit down with you and discuss the plan for your dental health.


Depending on your gingival health, a certain type of cleaning will be recommended based on the diagnosis. From there, any dental work that needs to be completed can be scheduled.


Dr. Younesi believes in form, function and aesthetics.

She is concerned with finding the root cause of an issue, not just chasing symptoms.

She believes that comprehensive dentistry is very important and she works closely with a variety of specialists to ensure that you are getting the best quality of care. 

Here, at Jacqueline Younesi Dentistry, we strive to make our patients feel like family.